Author Topic: broke up with best friend recently. need third person perspective.  (Read 764 times)

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i am introvert. i make very few friends but when i make i give my heart out. I broke up with my very best female friend couple of days ago. she some years older than me and married. she knew that i am just friend. but best close. i shared my heart out with her and always supported her and kept giving good advice and ready to help.she said we connected by heart. but she kept hurting me lot but she still kept coming back when she felt alone after having time with others. but she did not supported me when i needed her. when i many times felt like she dont need me anymore but she kept telling me lie and talk something and do something else. not trusting me. keeping close by words but keeping too away by actions. so i lashed out at her to just let her go with too much pain in my heart. she also pushed me away instantly. i cried out. today morning in i saw her crying in my dream and i was crying too. i feel like  if i stay with her i will get hurt again by her and i cant see her doing self sabotaging things. but i still miss her lot. i don't understand how to see at this situation.  we dont live near geographically. this happened before we could meet in real. need third person perspective.